The Brooklyn Warehouse: why I love Halifax local

The Brooklyn Warehouse is a rare restaurant that it keeps evolving in its quality. They’ve grown everything from their dining area to their menu and have been part of the delicious food revolution that has been happening. Note, I didn’t say foodie revolution – because The Brooklyn Warehouse doesn’t explore food as a fashion but as a passion. You can see this in everything they … Continue reading The Brooklyn Warehouse: why I love Halifax local

The Wooden Monkey

Crimson and golden rays peering through the office buildings of Halifax shimmer against my amber ale. Breathing in the ale’s crisp hop aroma, I take a sip. The smooth maltiness coats the chicken resting against my palate. The two co-mingle to the sheer delight of all my senses. A thought comes to me: “Why haven’t I reviewed The Wooden Monkey yet?” I’ve enjoyed The Wooden … Continue reading The Wooden Monkey

Food Tastes Better Than Chemicals

After moving too far from the Seaport Farmer’s Market in Halifax I bought a share in Taproot Farms, a family farm that cultivates its land in the Annapolis Valley. They offer a year-long share program that anyone can buy into. You purchase a share to help sustain the farm and then every week they provide you with a variety of foods. Buying food from a … Continue reading Food Tastes Better Than Chemicals