Computers, phones and security

In recent weeks Apple has gained some poor media attention thanks to a major flaw in the iPhone’s operating system. This vulnerability meant that someone could access data from your phone if you were on an open network, like a free wifi network at your favourite coffee shop. The good news is that Apple has made a security update for their iOS and OSX operating … Continue reading Computers, phones and security

Dear Ginsberg

I see the best minds of my generation being destroyed By plastic backlit rectangles while peering at displays, Flicking frenetically from topic to topic. All of this brought on by the Helvetican f and co. In universities across the world, desks rumble Amid a flurry of crystalized colours Spewing from half eaten fruit. Is this the future: a 140 character generation Leading the charge of … Continue reading Dear Ginsberg

Our privacy: Microsoft doesn’t care all that much

Being an avid Gmail user I have written and read countless emails but I never see ads. Sure, this is entirely because I use AdBlock Plus in my browser to make my internet experience virtually ad free. This is great and I love it but then every so often something gets my attention and reminds me that there is advertising all over the web. I … Continue reading Our privacy: Microsoft doesn’t care all that much