Backing up: Not a fool’s errand

What would you do if you lost everything? Me, I’d yell, cry and probably throw my last something at a wall. As much as we’d like to think we aren’t ruled by our possessions, I believe certain items like letters and photos of loved ones carry a lot of value. As these items become increasingly digital, the risk of loss increases while the perceived risk decreases. You might be thinking that your digital files are safe and nothing bad will happen to them. But, according to the video below 60 million computers will fail this year. That’s comparable to every Canadian losing their computer, finding it and then losing it again. Continue reading Backing up: Not a fool’s errand

Computers, phones and security

In recent weeks Apple has gained some poor media attention thanks to a major flaw in the iPhone’s operating system. This vulnerability meant that someone could access data from your phone if you were on an open network, like a free wifi network at your favourite coffee shop. The good news is that Apple has made a security update for their iOS and OSX operating … Continue reading Computers, phones and security

Dear Ginsberg

I see the best minds of my generation being destroyed By plastic backlit rectangles while peering at displays, Flicking frenetically from topic to topic. All of this brought on by the Helvetican f and co. In universities across the world, desks rumble Amid a flurry of crystalized colours Spewing from half eaten fruit. Is this the future: a 140 character generation Leading the charge of … Continue reading Dear Ginsberg

Hashtags Don’t Kill Languages, People Do

Recently Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made a skit parodying the use of hashtags online by using them in a face-to-face conversation. Personally, I think the skit is simultaneously hilarious and nauseating. The quick cuts to their hands making hashtag signs followed by linguistic strings of one-up-manship made the general public weep for the English language. Before this hashtag hatred gets out of hand I … Continue reading Hashtags Don’t Kill Languages, People Do