Restaurants Responding to Allergies

As someone who loves food but who has severe allergies to nuts, tofu, soy and shellfish I find it challenging to love restaurants and cafes as much as I do. There have been times when I’ve had allergic reactions to the food ordered by myself or someone I’m with. They range everywhere from uncomfortable to paralyzing. In these moments the reactions of the staff can … Continue reading Restaurants Responding to Allergies

Halifax Burger Week: A Hidden Gem

This past week Halifax was treated to its first ever burger week. From Mar. 21 until Mar. 27 restaurants across the HRM offered burgers for a discounted price or a specialty burger with proceeds going to Feed Nova Scotia. Many of the restaurants were ones that you would expect: Ace Burgers Co., Darrell’s Restaurant and Chickenburger. I’m sure they had great items (Ace Burgers Co. … Continue reading Halifax Burger Week: A Hidden Gem