Restaurants Responding to Allergies

As someone who loves food but who has severe allergies to nuts, tofu, soy and shellfish I find it challenging to love restaurants and cafes as much as I do. There have been times when I’ve had allergic reactions to the food ordered by myself or someone I’m with. They range everywhere from uncomfortable to paralyzing. In these moments the reactions of the staff can … Continue reading Restaurants Responding to Allergies

Paul Anka Was Right, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Coffee, I know you are a delicious treat. I love your nutty sense of humour. Your beautiful burnt sienna face stains my soul with desire. I long for you in my weary state and yet now, now you’ve gone and destroyed me. I can’t sleep anymore. I’m left alone, in the darkness of the night regretting the decision I made. You caught me with … Continue reading Paul Anka Was Right, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Simple Cooking Concepts Part 2: Sugar, Fat and Salt

Sugar, fat and salt are arguably the three most discussed parts of cooking but also probably the three least understood. People often treat sugar, fat and salt as if they are edible evils that must be avoided at all costs but if you learn how to use them then they can be great and not so evil. These three amigos need to be used but … Continue reading Simple Cooking Concepts Part 2: Sugar, Fat and Salt

Simple Cooking Concepts: Part 1

Being a “young” twenty-something I keep hearing from my peers “cooking is so hard” or “I wish I could cook like my mom.” I used to say that all the time. When I first ventured into cooking I learned how to make two dishes spaghetti and, like every good Canadian, Kraft Diner. I was one lame cook. But then I realised something – cooking is easy! … Continue reading Simple Cooking Concepts: Part 1

Food Tastes Better Than Chemicals

After moving too far from the Seaport Farmer’s Market in Halifax I bought a share in Taproot Farms, a family farm that cultivates its land in the Annapolis Valley. They offer a year-long share program that anyone can buy into. You purchase a share to help sustain the farm and then every week they provide you with a variety of foods. Buying food from a … Continue reading Food Tastes Better Than Chemicals

Halifax Burger Week: A Hidden Gem

This past week Halifax was treated to its first ever burger week. From Mar. 21 until Mar. 27 restaurants across the HRM offered burgers for a discounted price or a specialty burger with proceeds going to Feed Nova Scotia. Many of the restaurants were ones that you would expect: Ace Burgers Co., Darrell’s Restaurant and Chickenburger. I’m sure they had great items (Ace Burgers Co. … Continue reading Halifax Burger Week: A Hidden Gem