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Canada Reads 2018: Two memoirs that opened my eyes

In recent years, I’ve longed to compete in Canada Reads, CBC’s annual literary contest, in a manner fit for someone who likes fiction and is not a published author of note or a Canadian celebrity. I’ve endeavoured to read the five shortlisted books before the week-long event so as to fully understand the arguments of each book’s advocate. In 2017, I was in another country … Continue reading Canada Reads 2018: Two memoirs that opened my eyes

Café Amoré: Review

Café Amoré is located in an unassuming part of St. Catharines. It’s not on Facer Street – the street that has so many ethnic food choices it feels like a mini-Europe – and it’s not in Port Dalhousie – one of the city’s potential-filled tourist areas. The restaurant is smack dab in the middle of a strip mall in a residential neighbourhood. When I think of great cuisine I never think “strip mall.” That said, Café Amoré defies the situational expectations and offers a delicious experience for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean inspired meals. Continue reading Café Amoré: Review

Backing up: Not a fool’s errand

What would you do if you lost everything? Me, I’d yell, cry and probably throw my last something at a wall. As much as we’d like to think we aren’t ruled by our possessions, I believe certain items like letters and photos of loved ones carry a lot of value. As these items become increasingly digital, the risk of loss increases while the perceived risk decreases. You might be thinking that your digital files are safe and nothing bad will happen to them. But, according to the video below 60 million computers will fail this year. That’s comparable to every Canadian losing their computer, finding it and then losing it again. Continue reading Backing up: Not a fool’s errand