How to avoid breaking harts and closing businesses


Last week the Hart and Thistle Gastropub, one of my favourite watering holes, closed its doors. A small piece of paper taped to the two doors in Historic Properties

announced the end of another Halifax business. This was the image I saw all over Twitter and Facebook. My heart sank a little.

I loved this restaurant. Their craft beer was made with care and the staff could pair it with the right dish with passion and ease. The staff loved their product, almost as much as I did. When I saw that little image crying across the digital town it felt like I found out that I was dumped but through a third party.

Why didn’t they tell me? It became clear. I was a neglectful patron. I could have at least liked them on Facebook or followed them on Twitter. Surely, I would have found out first hand if only I did my part.

Trying to legitimize my neglect I reflected on my status as a university student – one whose wallet is slim. Not only am I not swimming in a harbour of disposable income but I want to be fiscally responsible and not rack up debt. This is arguably the worst patron for any business. At the end of the day a business needs to make money in order to stay afloat and it doesn’t matter how good your beer is if customers don’t come.

What’s the take away from this? If you like a place, support it. As citizens of a great province we have the power to strengthen our economy. All we need to do is support local shops that we enjoy. Simple.

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