The Brooklyn Warehouse: why I love Halifax local

the_brooklyn_warehouseThe Brooklyn Warehouse is a rare restaurant that it keeps evolving in its quality. They’ve grown everything from their dining area to their menu and have been part of the delicious food revolution that has been happening. Note, I didn’t say foodie revolution – because The Brooklyn Warehouse doesn’t explore food as a fashion but as a passion. You can see this in everything they do.

The Food

Recently, my favourite Halifax restaurant has made a revolutionary decision – to change their menu daily. Every day you will find something new to eat and enjoy with a fantastic wine, beer or coffee. You can check out this video with cutesy music to learn more about what they are doing.

I am a creature of habit and when I enjoy something I like to enjoy it over and over again. Their style of menu could pose a problem for someone like me. Thankfully, their chef and cooks are skilled to the extent that I can still savour the rabbit I had in the winter of 2013. Mmmm….

The Service

To eat at a place with such delicious food requires a knowledgeable staff who can guide diners in selecting various courses that complement one another as well as satisfy the desire for filling and flavourful food. One of the easiest ways to see if staff are up to the challenge of taste tour guides is the age old question: “what wine would you suggest to go with this dish?” The simplest answer would be to pair white with white meat or fish and red with red meat, tomato based sauces or pink fish. The simplicity of this concept of pairing can leave you with a decent complement to the food but not always the best. When I had that memorable rabbit the wait staff recommended I try a white wine, the fact that they recommended the specific Grand Pré white so confidently indicated an intimate knowledge of how to complement the rabbit, a meat less common than beef or chicken… Boy did it work! I have the staff to thank for this.



Let me elaborate. When a restaurant is as dedicated to fine food as The Brooklyn Warehouse, you may find that their décor and general attitude is one of “we’re amazing! If only you were as classy as we are.” It only takes a step when looking at the websites or décor of some restaurants with “celebrity chefs” here in Halifax to see this pretentious snobbery. Who needs it? No one, and no one deserves it. Looking around the dining area you’ll feel welcome to come as you are. I say this because it’s clear that the owners have made their restaurant eclectically their own with items like an AT-AT on their burr grinder or cutlery embedded in the step leading into the restaurant. This adds to an atmosphere that feels neither ashamed nor boastful in its uniqueness The owners of The Brooklyn Warehouse are not trying to impress anyone; they are just letting the restaurant be what it should be.

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