Photographing Wine

Some of the most fun I’ve had in my public relations program was a product photography assignment. We were allowed to use anything we wanted as long as it was a product and included people. As a bit of an amateur vintner I thought it would be fun to shoot wine.

With a couple of bottles of wine in hand, some props and the assistance of my friends I attempted to capture the spirit of the wine experience – class and joy. I thought it would also be fun to do a photo shoot for wine with a younger target audience the typical demographic a vineyard might focus on.

I learned a lot about lighting, setting up the shot and much more but the biggest lesson had nothing to do with lights or the camera. In the past I had always just asked people to smile but in order to capture the mood and emotion I wanted I needed to do more. The key to getting your talent to emote the way you want them to is to make them feel comfortable. This was a lot of fun and right now it’s my favourite part of photography that includes people. The conversation can be thought provoking or just plain hilarious but either way, the challenge of making people comfortable in the line of the camera’s lens is nothing short of fun.

The next time you are taking photographs with people, have some fun and help them enjoy the process.

Here’s a short gallery of some of my favourite shots. Enjoy!

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