Pacific Rim: Go See It

Guillermo Del Toro has made on fantastic blockbuster. If you haven’t seen the trailer please watch it, right now.

Having watched the trailer you now know what happens in the movie. It looks like your typical summer blockbuster with its big bombastic special effects, good vs. evil plot and stock characters. Oh, don’t forget those cheesy one-liners. But, if you watch the movie you’ll see how it is not a typical summer blockbuster, it is what summer blockbuster should aspire too.

You can tell that director Guillermo Del Toro invested a high standard in this film. There are no gimmicks. The special effects, the editing, the acting… everything serves to tell the story of Pacific Rim. Del Toro and company didn’t flaunt product placement or start a franchise with an origin story. They just told their story. In the end, isn’t that what narrative art forms are all about, telling the story through their chosen medium?

That’s what makes this a fantastic blockbuster. It knows what type of story it is telling and it knows its medium.

One thought on “Pacific Rim: Go See It

  1. I really enjoyed this movie too! One of my favorites this year. : D

    I really liked Mako, the character. She was not a typical fighter girl. She showed her weaknesses

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