Barbecue in Cape Breton

For a foodie there are fewer things riskier than eating southern barbecue in a dress shirt and dress pants. With all of those sauces dripping you are certain to need a lot of laundry soap. That’s what I did this week. One day after work my girlfriend and I decided to live life on the edge by eating at Sydney, Nova Scotia’s best barbecue joint.


The atmosphere of Embers is exactly what it needs to be and nothing more. They do play great blues tunes so that’s bound to make you happy.


The service was the best part. We weren’t sure what we wanted and the servers were a great help. Barbecue is often spicy and people’s perception of spice is always subjective. To help us decide, the servers offered what I would call “Sydney Food Service.” They accurately described the food and then asked “you wanna try it?” We tried to be bashful and thank them for the offer but.. “Oh, it’s no problem” and then, right in front of us, a sample of their two styles of chili. They acted similarly with the sauces.

This is high class service. There aren’t very many other places in Canada that offers this level of service but it seems to be common here in Sydney. Why don’t other cities do this much? Don’t they want to ensure that their customer makes a decision that they are satisfied with? Embers and other Sydney establishments certainly do. Friendly and generous: two ideal aspects of customer service.


Their sauces are all unique enough to please almost any diner. Their Jamaican jerk turkey wings are something you must try. Their pulled pork is good, too.

To be honest, the quality of their food doesn’t come out in the individual dishes but in how the dishes work together. Try pairing the pulled pork with their Carolina mustard sauce with a noticeable lager taste. They go so well together. And have it with a side of mac n’ cheese. When you need a break from the spiciness of the pulled pork have the side to cool your mouth down. Then repeat. Wow, is it ever good. Your taste buds will be dancing.


In the end, we didn’t have any sauce drip on us. Food was great, service was awesome, atmosphere was good and clothes were still clean. Embers in Sydney, Nova Scotia: a great barbecue experience.

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