Expiry date fail

Hey BustedTees!

Thanks for the message and the token of your company’s appreciation. I thoroughly enjoy some of your products and am grateful for the opportunity to save a few dimes and nickels on my next purchase.

I am a little confused on when the offer expires. Does it expire in a hundred years (Feb. 15, 2113)? If so, then thanks! I will keep this as a family heirloom. Should one of my descendants ever be in dire need of an affordable yet humourous shirt then they are free to use it. If it expired on Feb. 15 2013 can you recommend a car rental company that rents Mr. Fusion model DeLoreans?


Below is an image of the packing slip I received in the mail with my order, shipped on Feb. 21. I’ll update you, my awesome readers, when I hear back from BustedTees.Image

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