Zen dental visit

I had a dental appointment this week which makes me wonder why people hate the dentist. It was just a routine cleaning and checkup but it was a great end to my very hectic Monday. Once you sit in the chair the only things you need to worry about are spitting and snoring. I don’t advise the latter but it definitely makes for a funny conversation with the dentist and a good story.

This week’s Monday was one of those Mondays that seem to start on Sunday evening and command your attention and energy at every turn. Running laps across Halifax while completing errands and commitments amid the bitter chill of February left me just plain exhausted.

My dentist’s office acquired its name, Bridgeview Dental, for its gorgeous view of the serene Bedford Basin and the bridges that span Halifax harbour. After a day which left my feet feeling like a taxi desperately needing repair and my brain feeling like spaghetti (unfortunately without meatballs) sitting in the exam room on that reclining chair was a glorious gift.

The view as I sat down was spectacular. The sun was setting and Dartmouth was lit up like a Christmas tree. A tanker moving so slowly it appeared as a calm duck loving the lapping waters caressing its sides. Instead of the rush hour filled with cars and exhaust I simply saw peaceful beauty before getting my teeth cleaned.

My chair’s back reclined and I became like the view that was now imprinted in my mind; calm, serene. I was also barely awake. This was the most relaxed I had been in quite some time.

After a relaxed cleaning, the hygienist brought my seat back up and asked me a question or two. I asked him to repeat himself because I was still waking from my calm. It was the most relaxed I had been in months.

Why do we hate on visiting the dentist? It’s such a calming event, if we let it be so. Personally, I can’t afford to get stressed out by the dentist with all of my commitments. I sure can use those appointments to pause and relax.

One thought on “Zen dental visit

  1. I know what you mean, Clark! What’s with the hate on dentist appointments? They’re a great chance to put our feet up and chill out for a bit! I can’t say I’ve ever fallen asleep at the dentist but I do find them pretty relaxing!

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