Nova Scotia has heard its people sing

This week has seen some pretty big news pieces: RIM, err BlackBerry, finally launching BlackBerry 10, bi-polar winter weather (there’s a joke in there somewhere), or major news regarding conflict around the world. However, there is one news story in particular which has made me quite happy: the legalisation of U-vint stores in Nova Scotia.

Recently, the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) took a few U-vint stores to court saying that they were violating liquor laws in my home province. Being a home vintner I felt invested in the courtroom drama. It seemed to me like the NSLC was just trying to corner the wine market just a little bit more. Needless to say, I was cheering on these small businesses in their legal battle.

Thankfully the law has been changed so that these stores can offer a little more healthy competition to the province’s crown corporation. And the great fact about this is that the law was changed due to public outcry. Democracy does actually work! Who knew? I was beginning to doubt it but the government listened to the people that gave it the power and responsibility to govern with our best interests at heart.

This isn’t a major issue of law but the idea that the democratic system can work in these little areas gives me hope that the democratic system really can work on greater issues facing our country, our province and our home.

Today, I am a happy Nova Scotian.

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