Android era: Good news for iPhone lovers

Counterpoint Research has released information stating that Samsung and LG are the top two selling mobile phones. This places Apple in third place. The article mentions that we are entering the “Android era.”

Sure, iPhones are good machines and I’ll readily admit that but this news is good news for this owner of a Samsung Nexus S and iPhone lovers. Since getting my Android phone almost two years ago I have been consistently asked if my phone was iPhone. The conversation typically looks like this:

Me: (looking up bus times)

Friend/Stranger: Oh! Hey, is that an iPhone?

Me: No, sorry, it’s an Android

Friend/Stranger: (dejectedly) Uh, I-I see.

These interactions always make me feel bad. It is somewhat sad knowing that by owning an Android smartphone I can so easily get someone excited and then ruin their day. Humanity sure is frail. If the two bestselling handsets run the Android OS then this trend should slow down. Less and less people will get their hopes up that a friend or stranger owns an iPhone.

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