When it came to designing this e-portfolio I had some obvious questions. What do I post? What would people like to know about me? Considering that people often are quite multi-faceted, myself not being an exception, I wanted to make sure that this site had an overarching cohesive theme to it. Thus came the big question: where do I start?

I have many varied interests, skills, hobbies, and talents but I did not want to just simply post everything. This would make my site look confused. I wanted to start with a cohesive theme, not have a buffet of themes including the full gamut of my interests and skills.

It then became clear.

The place to start is art. My love of art and how I use art to accomplish other tasks such as teaching became a natural starting point. So this site is primarily focused on my artistic skills and interests. As I grow and develop more of my skills I’m sure this site will grow as well thus resulting in a digital me.

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